Frequently Asked Questions




1. What is the overall plan for the Meredith Bay community?

Our plan is to create a safe, welcoming community within the natural beauty and splendor of Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding area—a community where the focus is on providing a wonderful quality of life and providing great value for every buyer and community resident.

Meredith Bay is comprised of roughly 430 acres of land. Over the next 10 to 15 years we will continue to expand our real estate offerings with more single and multi-family opportunities as well as expand and diversify the amenities offered.  Although plans aren’t finalized until a specific parcel is developed, plans currently include building out a small retail village on Route 3, a boutique hotel, state-of-the-art fitness center, clubhouse, indoor pool, and many other amenities for our homeowners’ enjoyment.


2. What are your amenities?

The list of amenities at Meredith Bay currently includes the swimming pool and pavilion, tennis courts, fitness center, lakefront picnic area with swim platform, and walking trail network.  Access to a nearby marina and beach club is also available to all Meredith Bay residents.  As additional neighborhoods are developed we’ll continue to add more amenities.


3. Does every property include a boat slip? What does a slip cost?

60 of the 76 slips at the Akwa Marina are allocated to Meredith Bay property owners as determined by the Developer.  These slips are leased to property owners on a perpetual, transferable lease. The lease cost varies based on the size of the boat, $150 per lineal foot of the vessel. Minimum slip size is 22 feet bringing the minimum charge to $3,300 annually.

As an alternative to the traditional arrangement of owning a boat, residents at Meredith Bay also have the option of joining the American Boat Club, which provides a variety of new, modern boats for use by its members for an annual fee.


4. Do I need a boating license in order to operate a boat on Lake Winnipesaukee?

Yes. Anyone that operates a boat in the State of New Hampshire is required to have a boating license. Licenses may be obtained on line at:


5. What major cities with airports are nearby?

Manchester airport is located 45 minutes from the development. Boston Logan Airport is about an hour and a half away.


6. How long will it take for the Meredith Bay community to be fully developed?

At this point in time it is estimated to be a 10 – 15 year build-out.


7. How many total units will there be when the community is complete?

Current land plans indicate the final density will be 650 – 750 total units.


8. Are there reciprocal benefits with other Southworth Communities?

Reciprocal benefits are currently available on an informal basis and provide limited access and use of other Southworth Communities properties to our residents.  Arrangements should be made through the sales center. A formal program is in development and will be announced in the near future.


9. When did the development begin at Meredith Bay?

The development was started in 2004, at which time it was called Aqua Soleil. Southworth Communities assumed the role of managing partner for Meredith Bay in 2007.


10. Are pets allowed?

Each Association has Rules & Regulations including the number of domestic pets allowed. All pet owners are expected to follow local pet ordinances & leash laws.




1. What are the Homeowners’ Association dues (HOA) and what do they cover?

The HOA fees are currently $220 per month which cover: care and maintenance of all common areas, including snow removal of the roads, landscaping, upkeep and care of the pool and tennis pavilion, and your membership to the Akwa Marina & Beach Club. The Gate House is staffed all year-round, which is also covered through the HOA fee.


2. How often do the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) dues increase?

The HOA fees are subject to change annually. Increases to date have been very modest and have only increased $35 from $185.00 to $220.00 since 2008. The Akwa Marina Yacht & Beach Club fee, which is rolled into the HOA dues, are adjusted every five (5) years based on the Consumer Price Index.


3. Are there guidelines in place that dictate the look of the homes and landscaping?

Yes, there are guidelines in place that dictate any improvements to the home site, architectural features, size, style, colors, etc. of a property. These guidelines exist to create a visually cohesive community and to ensure that the homes blend with the natural beauty of Meredith Bay. The Architectural Review Guidelines also extend to any future modifications that a homeowner may want to make. All changes are reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee once an application is submitted.


4. What is the average size of lots?

The average size of a single-family home lot is approximately 17,000 square feet (roughly 1/3-1/2 of an acre). However, lots vary from 10,000 square feet (1/4 of an acre) to 42,000 square feet (one acre).


5. Am I required to use a specific builder and house plans?

Buyers are welcome to bring in their own builder and plans provided they are approved by the Architectural Review Committee.  The builder for the custom homes designed exclusively for Meredith Bay is Southworth Homes of New Hampshire, LLC.


6. What are the utilities?

All utilities are underground, including electric, telephone, and cable. Water is provided by the City of Laconia. The sewage system that is located throughout the Akwa Vista neighborhood is owned by the association and joins the town’s lines on Scenic Road.


7. What are the demographics of the community? How many residents are full-time?

Currently, 35% of our homeowners are full-time. The balance are active weekend and vacation users.  Our mix of residents range from young professionals to families to retirees.


8. How many lots are located in the single-family home phase? How many are owned?

There are 129 single-family home sites located in the Akwa Vista neighborhood. 25% have been sold to date.




1. What are the Condominium Association dues for The Townhomes? What do the dues cover?

The monthly fee is currently $485.00 per month.  Items covered in the fee include the amenity package, interior and exterior insurance, all common area maintenance, landscaping, snow plowing of the access road and parking lot, trash removal, and insurance for the Association.


2. How often do the Condominium Association fees increase?

Condominium Association fees are subject to change from time to time. The only “scheduled” fee change is in 2017 when the Beach Club fee will change in accordance with the agreement between the Association and the Beach Club.


3. How are the utilities handled at The Townhomes?

All utilities are metered separately. Providers invoice homeowners directly with the exception of sewage and water, which is invoiced by the Association.


4. Is there direct access from The Townhomes to the Lake?

There is no direct water access from the Townhomes to the shore.  Lake access is provided at the community’s private picnic area, a short walk from the Townhomes. In addition, all Meredith Bay residents also enjoy access through the Akwa Marina & Beach Club, which is a short distance away.


5. What are the demographics of The Townhomes? How many residents are full-time?

Currently 36% of our townhome owners are full-time. The balance are active weekend and vacation users. Our mix of residents ranges from young professionals to families to retirees.




1. What are the Association fees for Bluegill Lodge?

The first year fees are estimated at $475 per month which include the cost of the amenity package, interior and exterior insurance, all exterior maintenance, landscaping, housekeeping of common areas, operation of the three elevators and heated parking garage, and insurance for the Association.


2. What is the average living square footage per unit?

The average square footage of the units is approximately 1,800 square feet.


3. How many bedrooms are in each unit?

The Lodge condominiums offer either 2 or 3 bedrooms.


4. Are the parking spaces designated and how are they allotted to each unit?

Each unit is assigned one space in the building. Additional outdoor spaces are available but not assigned.


5. How does the elevator operate?

There are 3 elevators found in the building.  Each elevator serves eight units from the first floor up to the fourth floor.


6. How many units are there in Bluegill Lodge?

Bluegill Lodge has 24 units.


7. Are there storage areas provided?

Each unit is provided with a designated storage area located in the heated garage of the building.


8. Are the materials on the exterior of the building maintenance free?

The majority of the exterior is low maintenance such as stone, composite trim and vinyl siding but there is also some natural wood and other areas requiring a limited amount of maintenance.