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2018 Cornerstone Awards

21 September, 2018

We’re honored to be the recipients of six 2018 New Hampshire Home Builders Association Awards! Gold Awards: The Pinehurst – Single Family Detached $500,000 to $750,000 The Ganzey – Single Family Detached $750,000 to $1,000,000 The Sugar Shack – Most Unusual Project Meredith Bay Postcards – Best Direct Mail Campaign […]


New England Golf Monthly: Q & A with David Southworth

20 October, 2017

David Southworth may not be a recognized “celebrity” to many avid golfers—and that’s fine with David, an avid golfer himself, who prefers to have his life’s work get all the recognition—but his passion in developing luxury golf and hospitality communities throughout the world in general and in Massachusetts in particular deserves celebration. […]


New England Fine Living – New England is in Full Swing

14 July, 2017

Today, you will find many golf courses dotting the vast open areas of New England, but two of those New England courses are owned and managed by Southworth Development. Read the full article here to see what David Southworth, founder of Southworth Development, had to say about owning and operating […]


Golf Business: Tossing a Life Raft

5 April, 2017

To operate a standalone golf facility is to challenge the proverb that states, “No man is an island.” Running a single-course business, you actually are an island, in the context of golf operations and marketing to your audience. Read the full article here to see what Southworth Development’s Greg Sherwood […]


Unique Homes: Q&A with David Southworth

6 February, 2017

Southworth Development, based in Newtown, Massachusetts, specializes in residential resort and hospitality-branded real estate development. The company, which holds value in its ability to “identify extraordinary sites and then create unique, high end and personally nourishing communities,” is led by CEO David Southworth. We spoke with Southworth, who provided further […]


Worthly: Meet David Southworth, One of Golf’s Most Valuable Players

26 October, 2016

Meet David Southworth, the Founder and CEO of Southworth Development. He may fly under the radar in terms of other golf and hospitality bigwigs…but with over $2 billion in golf and hospitality projects to his credit, he’s easily one of the industry’s leading players. In a time when many developers are steering […]


Unique Homes: ‘Everything Money Can’t Buy’

17 October, 2016

Unique Homes Magazine recently published an article about the shift that’s occurring in the luxury resort real estate world. The article describes how clients want more than golf—they want authentic experiences and activities that provide an unquantifiable value for themselves and their families. Southworth Development Founder and CEO David Southworth was […]


The Community Garden: The First of Many New Amenities

24 May, 2016

The Lakes Region premier community is getting even better as our list of extraordinary amenities continues to grow.  One of the new amenities coming to our incredible property is a beautiful community garden! Residents will be able to grow fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers in the new garden. Lowe’s Gardening […]