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Where Does A Builder Build A Lake Home For Himself?

If a home builder could build his own, personal lake home anywhere he wanted, where would he build it? That may sound like a riddle, but it’s just one of the questions we asked Dan Kent, Founder & CEO of North Carolina’s Kent Homes.

Dan chose one of the most scenic homesites at Meredith Bay upon which to build his custom Ganzey-style home on, and the results are simply jaw-dropping. We asked Dan why he chose the Lakes Region, what attracted him to Meredith Bay, and what it was like being on the owner’s side of the homebuilding journey!


(By the way, you can view two streaming tours of the home on this page: one of the home while under construction at the bottom of this page, and the other of the finished home above.)



Builder Builds a Home

Dan Kent
Founder & CEO of North Carolina’s Kent Homes
& New Meredith Bay Resident


Where else did you look around the country and the Lakes Region?

I’ve been part of a Builder Peer Group through the National Association of Builders for years. In 2000, I visited the area with the group and just fell in love. It just really grabbed my interest from that moment. We live in North Carolina now and we thought that if we had the chance to do something like this, we would do it somewhere away from North Carolina. We are also big boaters, so we were attracted to the Lakes Region because of that. We are really excited to bring our boat up.


Why did you choose Meredith Bay? 

Our plan was to purchase directly on the lake, but after finding Meredith Bay we were attracted to its location on the lake and access to the Akwa Marina. We loved all the amenities Meredith Bay has to offer considering it’s a smaller community. Being around Weirs Beach and the town of Meredith was also very attractive to us. We prefer to be where the action is rather being where it’s too quiet for us. As a home builder, we also placed a lot of value in having a new home with a great view, instead of a resell.


The journey to Dan’s new lake home begins with a bang!




What Meredith Bay amenities are you eager to explore?

We are most excited about the boating and access to the marina, as boating is one of our favorite hobbies! We also look forward to the walking trails, fitness center, and tennis and pickle ball courts.  


Just take a look at the views from the picture window on the main level!



You mentioned you liked the idea of being in a smaller private community while still being where the action is. Can you expand a little more on that?
We were somewhat intrigued by properties on the other side of the lake, but we really like the town of Meredith and being close to Weirs Beach where we can go out to restaurants. We also really liked the idea of having the NH Pavilion so close, where we can enjoy some good entertainment in the summer. Meredith Bay just felt like a natural fit. We’ve been in larger master plan communities before but finding something smaller with amenities that is also located on the lake… it just grabbed us.


As a homebuilder, what things did you see in Meredith Bay that the average home buyer might not?
The commitment that Southworth has put into such a beautiful but still small and intimate community. The level of amenities in comparison to the size of the community are outstanding in my opinion. I was very impressed!


Have you enjoyed being on the customer side of things?
I have enjoyed being on the other side of it, especially working with the Meredith Bay team. Since I have been a builder for 30 years, I have a lot of empathy for what the challenges are in the building process. Chris [Duprey, Meredith Bay Project Executive] has been tremendous. He is very detail oriented, thoughtful, and fair about making decisions that impact our home. The process has exceeded my expectations so far. It really is easy when you’re passionate about something, and this is something we’re passionate about.


The concrete floor was poured in the lower level and we were able to capture some amazing shots of Lake Winnipesaukee on a beautiful winter morning!


How has building your own custom home been different than your other projects?

The biggest difference is we build on flat terrain rather than land that has a lot of topography. But there are also more similarities than you might think. Having to accommodate views is one of those similarities. Many of our homes are built with a golf course behind the homes and outdoor spaces are very important. Which means we install doors that are up to 16’ wide to accommodate the views and make the most out of the outdoor spaces. My company also builds up to 80 portfolio homes a year and has 25 employees, so the processes and resources are different in comparison to Meredith Bay.


MARCH 2020
Siding began and the views of this beautiful home are undeniable.


What inspired the designs you chose for Homesite 128?

The unobstructed view of the lake.


What’s the one room/space in the home that you can’t wait to see completed and why?

The homesite we purchased has a beautiful view of the lake. Miriam and I are so excited to be able to enjoy our deck area and just take in the view of the lake and surrounding mountains!



How are you planning to use the house?

We’ll definitely have a lot of family and friends visit. We have three children and they are already planning to visit a lot. We also have friends from North Carolina that are looking forward to spending some time with us on the lake. So, definitely sharing it with lots of family and friends.

APRIL 2020
Counters and cabinets were installed!


Do you envision creating any family traditions in your new home?

Yes, we are already planning to have all our kids up here for Christmas this year so that should be exciting.


MAY 2020
Finishing touches were added to the home: granite countertops, a wood accent wall, and radiant heat and tile in the bathrooms were installed. Plus, the fireplace stone was placed. 


How often do you plan to use your home at Meredith Bay?

We were planning to use the home from June through October. As we’ve been building the home and have spent time here throughout the winter, we’ve also realized how pretty it is up here during the winter months. So, we’re planning to spend some time in our new home throughout the winter. We met a friend that talked to us a bit about ice boating, so we are excited to try that and also go skiing.

Are there any “secret menu” additions you’ve snuck in?

In the great room, we are installing a 10’ tall by 15’ wide door to take advantage of the beautiful views of Lake Winnipesaukee. We also have a similar tall and wide door off the breakfast room to the deck.


the view from ganzey

Bringing your vision of a home to life is always a journey – one filled with excitement and anticipation.  That’s why the night before moving in, Dan and his wife enjoyed a quiet evening enjoying the view from their new home, and thinking about this new and exciting chapter of their life at Meredith Bay.  Welcome to Meredith Bay!




See our stream from mid-may of the home under-construction below!


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