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New Hampshire: The Best Place to Retire for Active Adults

New Hampshire: The Best Place to Retire for Active Adults

The possibilities may seem endless when it comes to selecting a state in which to retire. And on top of that, there are several important things to consider – like state laws regarding property, taxes and estates. But there’s also the fun stuff to daydream about – like what the state has to offer culturally and recreationally. While everyone’s needs and desires vary when looking for a place to call home later in life, for active adults looking for a safe, tax-friendly and enriching state in which to settle, New Hampshire has it all.

New Hampshire is consistently rated as one of the safest states in our country. And, at a private gated community like Meredith Bay, you can feel all the more comfortable knowing that you have an entire community looking out for the safety of you and your family.

One thing many people do not know about New Hampshire is its tax-friendly laws and policies that make it a financially attractive place to retire. Overall, the cost of living in New Hampshire is 20% less than other states like Massachusetts and New York. Plus, the state is relatively tax-free – at 8.11%, the state ranks 7th lowest for tax burden and there is no sales tax throughout the state. New Hampshire residents enjoy no income tax, just a 5% tax on dividends and interest. And a very important caveat to those considering retirement in New Hampshire is the lack of tax on retirement income, social security, inheritance, and estates.

Safety and financial security are two of the most important things to consider when looking for a place to settle down post-career. But what about how you’ll spend your retirement glory days? Luckily, in New Hampshire there are endless ways to have fun and enjoy the natural beauty with your friends and family, no matter the season. You’d be hard-pressed to find another state with such easy access to mountains, lakes and coastal beaches.

Known as the Granite State, New Hampshire boasts numerous beautiful mountains for hiking in the warmer months and skiing in the colder ones. With one of the country’s most expansive network of recreational trails and ski resorts, you’ll never be at a loss for ways to stay healthy and active during retirement. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, or camping – New Hampshire has got you covered.

Centrally located, the famed Lakes Region of New Hampshire has long been a vacation destination for American families. And since retirement is your long-awaited never-ending vacation, by living in New Hampshire you can treat yourself to a casual swim, relaxing boat ride, or fishing trip whenever you’d like! With nearly 950 lakes throughout the state and a coastline dotted with beautiful beaches, in New Hampshire you’ll always have a place to enjoy the serenity of a day on the water.

If you’re not already convinced that New Hampshire is the best place to retire for an active adult like yourself, consider the ample access New Hampshire residents have to culturally enriching activities throughout the state. Sprinkled with some of New England’s most picturesque small towns and cities, New Hampshire is home to several local artists and musicians and many colleges and universities. Whether you’re up for seeing a play in Portsmouth, attending a lecture at Dartmouth, or going to an art opening at a Concord gallery, New Hampshire has a cultural scene that spreads to every corner of the state. Plus, with every season in New Hampshire comes a new line up of fairs, festivals, and events for the whole family to enjoy. And let’s not forget the shopping – New Hampshire and the Lakes Region in particular are known for the many antique shops, art galleries and other charming shops where you can find locally made goods.

After working hard for decades and building the life you’ve always wanted, you deserve to continue that style of living well into retirement. And what better place to put down roots than in a state like New Hampshire, where you can grow and prosper while cherishing every moment of fun with your family and friends? Retirement isn’t just a thing you plan for, it is a lifestyle you dream of – and in New Hampshire, it really does come true.

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